School advice and educational services

Private face-to-face or online consultation

Private parents sessions are ideal to help you assess and discuss public and private schooling options in Switzerland or to address a particular question in more detail. My at-home consulting session suits busy parents or parents with small children at home. Online sessions can help you to get more information prior to your relocation or if you do not need a full face-to-face consulting session.

LivingSwitzerland offers independent and unbiased school advice and is not affiliated or financially supported by any school or institution.

School communication

An experienced translator and former school teacher, I am passionate about helping parents to effectively communicate with school. I act as your personal school expert and cultural interpreter to help you to overcome language and cultural barriers that prevent you from effectively engaging with your child’s school.

Area search and school visits

Additionally, I can help you to identify the right location and school, arrange school visits and accompany you on your visit, if desired. As an experienced school teacher I know the appropriate questions to ask.

Private parent's session school advice and guidance

New to the Swiss school system and not sure about the best school option for your child?
Do you need personalized advice and guidance on public and/or private schooling options?

In this tailor-made session for parents, I will steer you through the complexities of the Swiss school system.

  • Making the right choices: local, bilingual or international school?
  • Integrating my expat child into local school: practical and cultural issues
  • Education outcomes and higher education qualifications in public and private schools
  • Advice around homeschooling, special needs, integrating older children etc.

The session can be online or face-to-face in the privacy of your own home.

Private at-home or office 
The session includes a preparatory phone call to assess your needs, research into customised options for your child, the consultation and a post-session follow-up.

1.5-2 hrs. From CHF 280

Online session

An online consultation includes a 60-90 min. overview of schooling options and/or a question&answer session to address any particular concerns you may have on schooling in Switzerland.

From CHF 220

Private parent's session school advice and guidance

Semi-private mini group session

Host a session at your home with other parents or your friends! Let me help you make sense of the Swiss education system. Tailor-made session in a relaxed environment.

Friends session
2.5 hour semi-private session at your home. Max. 6 participants

CHF 360 per session

Semi-private mini group session

School communication and dealing with school issues

Problems with the teacher?

Attending your first parent-teacher conference?

Communication with school can be daunting when you are not fully fluent in the local language.

From interacting with the teacher to information evenings to parent-teacher conferences, I assist parents with 1-1 school communication. 

School communication and dealing with school issues

Get the support you need to enable your child to succeed in school.

  • Assistance with school meetings
  • Overcoming communication problems with school
  • Appealing controversial school decisions
  • Addressing special educational needs
  • Bullying in school

Helping you to address school issues

The 2-3 hour session includes a preliminary needs assessment and research, followed by a consulting session to discuss options and the proposed action plan followed by a joint meeting with school or the teacher.

From CHF 280

School communication/teacher meetings

In a session prior to the school meeting or conference, I will help you prepare for the meeting. During the meeting, I will act as your translator and will ensure that your questions and concerns get addressed. Includes debriefing after the meeting.

From CHF 240

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