Helping global families navigate the Swiss school system

Choosing the right school option is a main concern for expat families.

But how to navigate the maze of private and public school choices?

LivingSwitzerland Education Consulting is the leading school consultant for international families in Switzerland.

We help you to make sense of educational options in Switzerland!

We provide support for

Global families

We empower families

to become familiar on and confident with the Swiss education system and make informed choices for their childrens‘ education.

International companies

Global employee support

We offer information & guidance for the onboarding of new staff and an ongoing support service to meet the needs of the whole family 

Expat service providers

Cooperation with expat organisations and service providers

We team up with expat organisations and international parent groups to give expat families all the necessary support

Local, bilingual or international school?

At LivingSwitzerland Education Consulting, we know that relocating with children can present a unique set of challenges.

With over 10 years working in and with the Swiss education system, we know that one of the greatest hurdles expat families face in their new homeland is not only finding the right school choice for their children but also navigating the complexities of the school system as their children grow up.

As an independent education consultancy, we have a deep understanding of the local, bilingual and international schools in Switzerland.

Whether parents are looking for information on the Swiss schooling options or ongoing support to help their family beyond the settling-in phase, we offer unbiased, personalised, comprehensive support, advice and the essential information parents need to make the right choice for their family.

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Navigating the Swiss School System in Switzerland from Kindergarten to High School