Helping international families navigate the 
Swiss school system.

Choosing the right school option is a main concern for expat families
But how to navigate the maze of private and public school choices?

We help you to make sense of educational options in Switzerland!

Local, bilingual or international school?

Whether public or private, bilingual or international school, navigating your way through google search options, expat blogs and Swiss school information websites is a daunting exercise!

Let me help you make sense of the different schooling options, all the way from kindergarten through to high school.

My educational consulting services offer a full spectrum of support from providing you with an overview of public and private education options, to collaborating hand-in-hand to develop an education pathway that suits your particular family needs.

Whether you are looking for information on schooling options or need support to deal with school-related problems, my mission is to provide unbiased support and professional guidance for families with children in Switzerland. 

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