Switzerland -
Your Relocation Partner

Moving to a new place is more than just changing your address; it’s a transformative experience. Our relocation services are designed to not only help you find an appartment but also to help you embrace a new culture and educational environment.

Your Relocation Partner

Prepare for Your Move with Personalized Guidance

Before you embark on your journey to Switzerland, let’s have a pre-move orientation call. This call isn’t just about logistics; it’s about giving you the essential knowledge and support you need for a successful transition. 

Cost of Living: Understanding the financial aspects of your move is crucial. We’ll delve into the cost of living in Switzerland, helping you plan your budget effectively.

Child Care and Schooling: If you have children, we’ll explore childcare options and discuss the availability of schools, ensuring your little ones have a smooth educational transition.

Location : Relocating can be both exciting and challenging, and your choice of location plays a pivotal role in how you experience your new chapter. Our relocation services not only streamline your move but also empower you to make informed decisions about your regional preferences and location options.

Home finding services

Personalised home search. I understand that every family’s needs are unique. I will work closely with you to identify the ideal neighborhood, budget, and property type to match your preferences. 

Viewings and paperwork. I‘ll arrange property viewings, providing virtual or in-person tours to help you make an informed decision. Additionally, I will negotiate on your behalf and assist with all necessary paperwork, ensuring a hassle-free rental process.

Educational Consulting

I am an experienced educational consultant and school teacher with first hand insights into public and private school options in Switzerland.
My goal is  to empower families to become familiar and confident with the Swiss education system and make informed choices for their children’s education

School Selection: Whether private or public school, I will use my vast expertise to assist you in choosing the right school that aligns with your child’s educational needs and goals.

Enrolment Assistance: Navigating enrolment procedures can be complex in a new country. I guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth entry into the chosen school.


Settling-in services

Getting started: Setting up utilities, navigating the insurance and banking  landscape and dealing with authorities can be a hassle in a new country. I help you with the practicalities of your new life so that you can have peace of mind.

Orientation Tours: Let me guide you through your new neighborhood and city, helping you discover local amenities and essential spots.

Cultural immersion: Get my top tips on cultural events, leisure activities, and traditions unique to your new community


I am Stefanie and I am here to help you settle in your new host country!

Let me be your guide as you embark on this exciting chapter of your life. Contact me today to assist you with finding a new home for your family and the right school for your children. 

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What Clients Are Saying

"I HIGHLY recommend Stefanie Busse . When we arrived in Switzerland 6 years ago we were clueless. Our biggest concern of course was the kids. Stefanie helped us understand and navigate the system. She even took us to some schools & explained whats what. Every once in a while, I look back and think how lucky we were to have found her"

Dar Kurtz, Cham

“”I owe all my thanks to you! I would have never taken the chance to settle without the amazing counseling you do on schools and neighbourhoods. My daughter is now in K2 and I love it the school and the neighbourhood is 100000% amazing!

Ankie Nguyen, Zürich