Education consulting services

Private online and face-to-face school consulting

Parents relocating to Switzerland often find it hard to make sense of the local school system. The struggle to find meaningful information about the available schooling options can make choosing the right school feel like an overwhelming and frustrating experience.

Parents already settled here may need advice and guidance as their family transitions to the next school stage or when, unfortunately, a change of school is required.

This is where LivingSwitzerland can help!

We provide information and guidance on:
  • Making the right choices: local, bilingual or international school?
  • Integrating expat children into local school: practical and cultural issues
  • Education outcomes and higher education qualifications in public and private schools
  • Advice around homeschooling, special needs, integrating older children etc.

Global employee support

Choosing the right school option is a top concern for global employees and their families. Providing insight into the education options in a new location can significantly reduce the overall stress of relocation for the global assignee and family.  

Globally mobile staff is more likely to accept and to continue with an international assignment if they feel confident that the needs of the family are met.

We offer information & guidance for the onboarding of new staff and an ongoing support service to meet the needs of the whole family.

Relocating to Switzerland school-aged children
LivingSwitzerland supports companies and their international staff with:
  • In-company seminars and webinars for new employees
  • Adhoc talks relevant to school calendar
  • 1-1 support for employees

Ongoing school support services

Problems with school or the teacher?

Attending your first parent-teacher conference?Communication with school can be daunting when you are not fully fluent in the local language.

From interacting with the teacher to information evenings to parent-teacher conferences, I assist parents with 1-1 school communication. Get the support you need to enable your child to succeed in school.

Where we can help:
  • Assistance with school meetings
  • Overcoming communication problems with school
  • Appealing controversial school decisions
  • Addressing special educational needs
  • Bullying in school

Available options

Online Session

An online consultation includes a 45-90 min. overview of schooling options and/or a question & answer session to address any particular concerns you may have on schooling in Switzerland.


Basic option: 45 min online Q&A session on the Swiss school system, particular issues or to provide ongoing support.

Basic plus: 60 min detailed overview of different school options, Q&A and a personalised information pack.

Comprehensive option: This package includes an overview of the school system and options. Additionally, we help the family to liaise with the selected school/s or local school authorities regarding the registration and application process and answer any questions the client may have.

Private at-home or office consultation

This option is particularly convenient for family consultations and takes place in the comfort of the family residence or office. The consultation includes a preparatory phone call to assess the families’ needs and objectives and research into the most appropriate educational options. This is followed by a face-to-face consultation with the education expert and a post-session follow-up. 

Additionally, we can help the family liaise with the selected school/s or local school authorities regarding the registration and application process and address any upcoming issues. 

This options adds real value for relocating families as gathering information from the relevant schools and education authorities can be an extremely time-consuming process. It also allows for in-depth guidance and support. 

Private parent's session school advice and guidance
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Webinar on the Swiss school system

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Navigating the Swiss School System in Switzerland from Kindergarten to High School